Deadline for submissions is May 31, 2020

The Emme Award, named for the first NASA Historian, was created in 1982 to recognize an outstanding book serving public understanding about the impact of astronautics on society and its potential for the future. It rewards originality, scholarship, and readability.  

The Emme Juniors Awards were added in 2009 for books written specifically for children (K-5) and young adults (6-12). They recognize efforts to inspire and educate today’s students (and future leaders) through publications aimed at K-12 students. 

If you would like your publication considered for the 2019 Emme Award, please send one copy to each member of the judging committee by May 31, 2020.To request the addresses of the judging committee, send an email to aas@astronautical.org. 

Additional information on the Emme Award, including a list of past recipients, can be found on the AAS website: