The Journal of the Astronautical Sciences

Published quarterly since 1954 by the American Astronautical Society, The Journal of the Astronautical Sciences is an archival publication devoted to the sciences and technology of astronautics. Articles are published which present significant new results, important insights, or state of the art surveys in all areas of astrodynamics, celestial mechanics, atmospheric flight mechanics, navigation and guidance, and space related sciences. Authors are encouraged to submit papers on attitude dynamics, orbit determination, trajectory optimization, space mission analysis, numerical methods, maneuvering flight vehicles, dynamics and control of large flexible space structures, and space sciences related to new astronautical systems and their applications.

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Dr. Maruthi Akella, Editor-in-Chief
The University of Texas at Austin
Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
2617 Wichita Street
ASE Building, C0600
Austin, TX 78712

Dr. Kathleen C. Howell, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus
School of Aeronautics and Astronautics
3233 Armstrong Hall
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Associate Editors:
Dr. Rodney AndersonNASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Dr. Arnaud BoutonnetESA, Darmstadt, Germany
Dr. Eric ButcherUniversity of Arizona
Dr. Stefano Campagnola, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Dr. John ChristianGeorgia Institute of Technology
Dr. Kyle DeMars, Texas A&M University
Dr. Tarek A. ElgoharyUniversity of Central Florida
Dr. Carolin FruehPurdue University
Dr. Jennifer S. HudsonWestern Michigan University
Dr. Richard Linares, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dr. Manoranjan MajjiTexas A&M University
Dr. Martin OzimekJohns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Dr. Ryan ParkNASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Dr. Andrew J. SinclairAir Force Research Laboratory
Dr. Puneet SinglaThe Pennsylvania State University
Dr. Steve UlrichCarleton University
Dr. Powtawche ValerinoAerodyne Industries


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