Emerging Astrodynamicist Award

The Emerging Astrodynamicist Award was established to recognize the junior researchers making significant contributions to the field of Astrodynamics. The award is based on the impact of the technical contributions of the candidate, with their service contributions also considered. The recipient of this award will be chosen by the Space Flight Mechanics Committee. See below for materials needed for nominations.

Awardees will be recognized during a Summer Astrodynamics Meeting and will receive a commemorative plaque and $1000 award.

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Emerging Astrodynamicist Criteria

Those qualified to be nominated for this award must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be within 10 years of receiving their highest degree during the year the award will be made.
  • Must have presented at a previous AAS Astrodynamics/Space Flight Mechanics conference.
  • No self nominations are accepted.

Procedures for the Emerging Astrodynamicist Award

The deadline for nominations is November 10, 2023. The nomination form must include the following:

  • Name, position, address, and affiliation of the nominee
  • Title of award
  • Citation (maximum 3 lines)
  • Description of the accomplishments for which the nomination is being made, including applicability to specific award under consideration.

Additional supporting materials:

  • Curriculum vitae not to exceed 2 pages
  • Up to three letters of recommendation

The evaluation will be based on the nomination form, the vitae and the letters of recommendation. Nominations that do not follow the above criteria will not be considered. For example, a nomination with a Curriculum Vitae longer than two pages will not be considered.

Nominations should be submitted through the AAS Award Form.

Nominate for this Award Here