About Us

Space Times is the voice of the American Astronautical Society, presenting thought-provoking ideas and opinions, featuring articles on salient issues in space policy and future exploration, in addition to reviews and notes of interest to both the professional and the general community of space flight advocates. 

Inspired by space-time, a mathematical model in which space and time are fused into a continuum, the magazine title encapsulates changing times. It also serves as a reminder of how a single-four-dimensional manifold, bonded by the three dimensions of space with one dimension of time – the Minkowski space – helped develop Albert Einstein’s groundbreaking theory of relativity.  

The readership of Space Times magazine consists of space professionals, space enthusiasts, educators, students, and all those interested in the space program, space exploration, STEM, and policy. With a tone leaning more toward conversational than formal, the publication features articles for an audience that has a great interest in space topics without a necessary formal familiarity with detailed subject areas. Virtually any topics involving space science, technology, exploration, law, policy, or issues relevant to the civil, commercial, military, and intelligence space sectors are of interest to the magazine. 

Space Times is published to inform public opinion and raise awareness regarding space-related topics. The materials published in the magazine and online solely reflect the views of the authors. Accordingly, the opinions and views expressed do not necessarily mirror the official perspective of the American Astronautical Society or any other organization. The American Astronautical Society does not endorse any products or brands featured in Space Times.