Victoria Woodburn

Victoria Woodburn is an undergraduate student studying Journalism and Integrated Marketing Communications at Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism.

Victoria's Articles

Inside the Mind of a Young Professional: A Conversation with Quinn Kupec

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I was fortunate enough to lead a team of some really amazing people for the (CanSat) competition. The competition requirements required us to pack a lot more design features than…
Artist rendering of the Gateway CREDIT/NASA

Gateway Opens the Door into a New Generation of NASA Missions

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A cross between the International Space Station (ISS) and a spaceship, the Gateway will serve as a critical piece of NASA’s goals of placing humans on the Moon and Mars.…

From Solar Flares to Power Scares: What Is Space Weather and How Does It Affect Us?

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For some, the term “space weather” conjures up images of impossible rain storms and blizzards happening far outside the Earth’s atmosphere. However, space weather is a very real phenomenon that…
Young professionals speaking to former NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden during the conference’s young professional speed-mentoring session hosted by the AAS. CREDIT/MARV SMITH, NASA GRC

Students Embrace Opportunity to Interact with Industry Professionals

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Directly off the shores of Lake Erie, a crowd ranging from former NASA astronauts to current high school students gathered to commemorate the late John Glenn and discuss the future…