Dr. Powtawche Valerino – Associate Editor

Powtawche Valerino is an aerospace engineer who works at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. She supports NASA’s Space Launch System and Human Landing System Programs in the areas of guidance and flight mechanics. Powtawche received an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, and holds a master’s and doctoral degree in Mechanical Engineering with a specialty in Aero-Astronautics from Rice University. Her research interests include optimal control, trajectory optimization (low thrust), and flight path control. Additional interests include spacecraft navigation, mission operations, mission planning, propulsion systems, and systems engineering. Prior to her current position, Powtawche was a senior guidance engineer for Aerodyne Industries at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, and a flight path control analyst at NASA-Jet Propulsion Laboratory for the Cassini-Huygens, Europa Clipper, and Parker Solar Probe missions.
Credit: NASA