Dr. David Geller – Associate Editor

David Geller joined USU in 2004 after a 25-year career in industry, including senior positions at Johnson Space Center and Draper Laboratories.  While in industry, his responsibilities included trajectory and GN&C performance analysis for the Space Shuttle, Space Station, and assorted military and civilian satellites, including GPS, Hubble, and MMS.  He also has experience in plasma physics.  Dr. Geller has served as associate editor for the Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets since 2010, and is an associate fellow in AIAA.  He has over 80 journal papers and conference papers to his name.

General research interests include angles-only optical navigation, linear covariance analysis for spacecraft position estimation, optimal trajectory planning using convex optimization, and space situational awareness.  Professor Geller also manages the USU-STAR telescope, an Air Force-funded project that investigates optical detection and tracking of geostationary debris objects.
Credit: Utah State University