Advancing Space: From LEO to Lunar and Beyond

The 2023 AAS von Braun Space Exploration Symposium

October 25-27, 2023
The University of Alabama in Huntsville, Huntsville, Alabama

Save the date for Advancing Space: From LEO to Lunar and Beyond, the 16th annual von Braun Space Exploration Symposium. At this year’s event, you can convene, connect, and collaborate with space industry leaders and colleagues. We will have a timely and relevant agenda that will inform and educate on the very latest developments and future opportunities and challenges in space science and exploration.

In conjunction with NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and the University of Alabama in Huntsville

Event News

  • The Program for the event is now available here.
  • The Call for Abstracts for the Student Poster Contest is now live! Read this document to learn more about the contest and how to submit. Abstracts are due by 9/22 by 11:59pm EST.
Event Program

Day 1: Wednesday | Oct. 25

Welcoming remarks to kick off the von Braun Space Exploration Symposium.

  • Ron Birk, President, American Astronautical Society
  • Charles Karr, President, University of Alabama Huntsville
  • Joseph Pelfrey, Acting Director, NASA MSFC


  • Lakiesha Hawkins, Assistant Deputy Associate Administrator, Moon to Mars Program, NASA (Introduction)
  • Joseph Pelfrey, Acting Director, NASA MSFC (Moderator)
  • John Honeycutt, Manager, Space Launch Systems Program, NASA
  • Howard Hu, Orion Program Manager, NASA Johnson
  • Shawn Quinn, Program Manager, Exploration Ground Systems, NASA
  • Jon Olansen, Gateway Program Manager, NASA
  • Lisa Watson-Morgan, Human Landing System Program Manager, NASA


  • Kurt Vogel, Director of Space Architectures, NASA (Moderator)
  • Ken Bowersox, Associate Administrator for Space Operations, NASA
  • Prasun Desai, Associate Administrator for Space Technology Mission Directorate, NASA
  • Nicola Fox, Associate Administrator for the Science Mission Directorate, NASA
  • Jim Free, Associate Administrator for Exploration Systems Development, NASA

Use this time to network with your colleagues!


  • Jim Myers, Senior Vice President, Aerospace Corporation (Moderator)
  • Shane Canerday, International Partnerships, NASA
  • Justin Cyrus, Chief Executive Officer, Lunar Outpost
  • Jaime Stearns, Cislunar Lead, AFRL
  • Seamus Tuohy, Senior Director of Business Development, Robotics & Space Operations, MDA
  • Niki Werkheiser, Director of Technology Maturation, NASA

Luncheon Discussion:

  • Lisa Watson-Morgan, Human Landing System Program Manager, NASA (Moderator)
  • John Couluris, Senior Vice President Lunar Transportation, Blue Origin
  • Benji Reed, Senior Director of Human Spaceflight Programs, SpaceX

Keynote Speaker:

  • Bill Nelson, Administrator, NASA

Day 2: Thursday | Oct. 26


  • Mary Beth Koelbl, Director, Engineering Directorate, NASA MSFC (Moderator)
  • Doug Bradley, Program Manager, SLS RS-25, Aerojet Rocketdyne
  • Tabitha Dodson, Program Manager, DARPA DRACO Program Manager
  • Mark Fisher, Program Manager, New Glenn BE-4 Main Engine, Blue Origin
  • Eric Paulson, Program Manager, Rotating Detonation Rocket Engine, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Jason Turpin, Senior Technical Leader of Propulsion, NASA MSFC


  • Ed McLarney, Lead for Transformation Integration and AIML, Transformation and Data Division, NASA CIO (Moderator)
  • Virgil Hutchinson, Senior Director, Space Systems Sector Chief Engineering, Northrop Grumman
  • Ron Keesing, Senior Vice President for Technology Integration, Leidos
  • Lee Wilbur, Managing Director, Deloitte
  • Ana Wooley, Assistant Professor, University of Alabama Huntsville

Use this time to network with your colleagues!


  • Kristina Hendrix, Vice President for Strategic Communications, University of Alabama Huntsville (Moderator)
  • Marcia Dunn, Aerospace Writer, Associated Press
  • Jeff Foust, Senior Staff Writer, SpaceNews
  • Lee Roop, Reporter,


  • Mallory James, Aerospace Engineer, NASA MSFC (Moderator)
  • Alex Bernhardt, Thermal Fluids Analyst, Sierra Lobo Inc.
  • Brandon Burroughs, Business Development Lead, In-Space Propulsion, The Boeing Company
  • Ashley Kowalski, Project Leader, International Partnerships, Aerospace Corporation
  • Avery Webb, Space Software Systems Engineer, Argo Navis Technologies

Presentation from the 2023 CanSat first place winning team: Afterburner, UAH

Keynote Speaker

  • Destin Sandlin, Host, Smarter Every Day

Enjoy a networking event while discussing the research done by graduate and undergraduate students.

Day 3: Friday | Oct. 27

Presentation related to the Molly K. Macauley Award


  • Dayna Ise, Deputy Manager, Science and Technology Office, NASA MSFC (Moderator)
  • Beau Bierhaus, Senior Research Scientist, Lockheed Martin
  • Brett Denevi, Planetary Scientist, Johns Hopkins University APL
  • Joel Kearns, Deputy Associate Administrator for Exploration, Science Mission Directorate, NASA
  • Renee Weber, Chief Scientist, NASA MSFC


  • Wayne Hale, Director of Human Spaceflight/Director of Energy Services, Special Aerospace Services LLC (Moderator)
  • John Cannaday, Director, Office of Procurement, NASA MSFC
  • Rob Chambers, Director, Business Development, Commercial Civil Space, Lockheed Martin
  • Trent Martin, Vice President of Lunar Access, Intuitive Machines
  • Nathan O’Konek, Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Redwire Space
  • Kelly Page, President, Barrios Technology

Use this time to network with your colleagues!

Presentation related to the Molly K. Macauley Award


  • Hank Alewine, Associate Professor of Accounting, University of Alabama Huntsville (Moderator)
  • Dan Hendrickson, Vice President of Business Development, Astrobotic
  • Ken Shields, Senior Director Business Development of In-Space R&D, Manufacturing, Emerging Markets, Sierra Space
  • Jana Spruce, Vice President of Spacecraft, Firefly Aerospace
  • Daniel Tani, Former Astronaut and Director of Business Development Operations, Northrop Grumman

Keynote speaker:

  • Michael D. Griffin, Co-President, LogiQ, Inc.


  • AAS Members – $750
  • Non-Members – $875
  • Government, Academia – $750
  • Students (with valid ID) – $125

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  • AAS Members – $150
  • Non-Members – $200
  • Government, Academia – $150
  • Students (with valid ID) – $20

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