Sarah Lipscy, Mission Area Lead for Astrophysics, Ball Aerospace

Dr. Sarah Lipscy is the Mission Area Lead for Astrophysics for the Civil Space strategic business unit. She is responsible for developing Ball’s capture strategy for Ball’s astrophysics pursuits. In this role, Dr. Lipscy manages Ball’s WFI-WOMA pursuit, Explorer AO responses, decadal survey preparations, and ROSES technology development proposals. Now that Ball has won the WFI-WOMA hardware development, Dr. Lipscy maintains a role on the program as the science liaison. Dr. Lipscy has been at Ball for 15 years and has previously served as the Project Scientist and Deputy Program Manager of the OMPS (Ozone Mapping and Profile Suite) instruments on the S-NPP and JPSS satellites and as a systems engineer on the OLI (Operational Land Imager) on Landsat-8 Dr. Lipscy holds a BA in Physics from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a PhD in Physics and Astronomy from the University of California Los Angeles.