Paul Nelson, Integration Manager for Cybersecurity and Communications, NASA GRC

Mr. Nelson is an experienced CISSP certified, cybersecurity and information systems security professional with more than 30 years of experience in program management, project management, technical staff management, project management, software engineering, large systems architecture and engineering, and technical security architecture and engineering. This includes: technical leadership, education and mentoring; cybersecurity, risk management (RMF), IT security, systems and software engineering; network engineering; incident response; law enforcement investigation; digital and computer forensics; policy, project and programmatic formulation.

His professional experience spans the breadth of organizations and includes federal and state government, federal law enforcement, academia, and commercial concerns. He enjoys the most complex and difficult of challenges and has been particularly drawn to the development of the Information Security industry. In this area, he has a diversity of experience, skills and accomplishments that include all aspects of the industry from low level technical engineering to enterprise level security management.