Jon Olansen, Gateway Production Manager, NASA JSC

Dr. Jon B. Olansen serves as the Production Manager in the Gateway Program at NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC). He is responsible for the production of major Gateway flight elements, including delivery of the initial Habitation and Logistics Outpost (HALO) Module, and the development of advanced technologies for new and unusually complex flight components with major program impacts. He is additionally charged with streamlining the implementation of engineering and safety processes in design, development and delivery of Gateway hardware and software. Dr. Olansen recently served as the Ascent Abort-2 (AA-2) Crew Module Manager within the Orion Program. He led a team of over 250 people responsible for designing, building, and delivering a fully integrated and certified crew module and separation ring for the AA-2 flight test vehicle, as well as the ground systems, control center, and flight operations team. Dr. Olansen was also the AA-2 Test Director, leading the flight control team in executing the AA-2 launch in July 2019. Prior to the AA-2 development, Dr. Olansen led the Morpheus Project to its successful conclusion, managing team members from 8 NASA centers in developing and conducting 63 flight tests of a full-scale planetary lander prototype for the advanced development of human spacecraft propulsion, navigation, and autonomous precision landing systems, while evaluating lean development tactics for use in larger programs. Dr. Olansen has over 30 years of experience, beginning his career at JSC as a Space Shuttle flight controller, supporting 32 missions in NASA’s Mission Control Center. Upon completion of his Ph.D., he returned to JSC to represent the Astronaut Office in the design, development, and operation of human life sciences experiments destined for the International Space Station. Dr. Olansen held other positions of increasing responsibility, including Deputy Chief, Avionics Systems Division and Manager, Engineering Directorate Planning & Control Office. Dr. Olansen’s Ph.D. specialized in biomedical experimentation in electrophysiology and cardiopulmonary hemodynamics. He published several journal articles related to his research and authored a reference book on biomedical instrumentation. Dr. Olansen has received numerous awards including NASA’s Exceptional Service and Public Service Awards, the NASA Systems Engineering Tech Excellence Award, and he was one of the initial individual recipients of NASA’s Space Flight Safety Award.