John Shannon, Vice President & Program Manager, Space Launch Systems, The Boeing Company

John Shannon, as Space Launch System vice president and program manager, leads the Boeing team designing, developing, testing and producing the core stages and avionics for NASA’s new heavy-lift rocket.

Prior to this position, Mr. Shannon led the International Space Station (ISS) program for Boeing in its key integration role for NASA’s ISS Program. His responsibilities included overall integration and operations of the ISS orbiting laboratory.

Prior to joining Boeing, Mr. Shannon served as NASA’s Deputy Associate Administrator for Exploration Planning in the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate. In this role, Mr. Shannon was responsible for working with NASA and the international partners to define future Human Exploration activities for NASA headquarters. His efforts resulted in the development of a comprehensive plan for a cis-lunar outpost to be used for the development of technology, science, operational methods, and crew protection for deep-space missions.

Previously, Mrs. Shannon served as Program Manager of NASA’s Space Shuttle Program, providing executive direction and policy for all aspects of space shuttle processing and development including prelaunch and flight operations. Mr. Shannon managed the final fourteen missions of the program, including the last Hubble Space Telescope servicing mission and completion of the U.S. on-orbit segment of the ISS.

Prior to this role, Mr. Shannon served as the deputy manager and the manager of Flight Operations and Integration for the Space Shuttle Program.
Mr. Shannon began his career on the Space Shuttle Program as a flight operations engineer in 1988. In 1991, he was named the head of the space shuttle guidance, navigation, and flight control section. In 1993, Mr. Shannon was selected as flight director for the Space Shuttle Program, the youngest person ever to hold that position. In 2003, he was appointed as the deputy manager of the Columbia Task Force, interfacing daily with the investigative team of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board.

Throughout his career, Mr. Shannon has received numerous accolades for his technical and managerial leadership such as the NASA Exceptional Service Medal, the NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal, the NASA Distinguished Service Medal, the NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal, the Presidential Rank Award for Distinguished Executive, and the Astronautics Engineer of the Year award from the National Space Club.

Mr. Shannon’s academic achievements include a Bachelor of Science degree in aerospace engineering from Texas A&M University and completion of Harvard Business School’s Program for Management Development.