Antti Pulkkinen, Deputy Director, Heliophysics Science Division, NASA GSFC

Dr. Pulkkinen is currently Deputy Director of the Heliophysics Science Division at NASA God- dard Space Flight Center. Dr. Pulkkinen received his PhD in theoretical physics from the University of Helsinki, Finland in 2003. Subsequently he joined the nonlinear dynamics group at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center to carry out his postdoctoral research 2004-2006. Dr. Pulkkinen’s PhD and postdoctoral research involved studies on both ground effects of space weather and complex nonlinear dynamics of the magnetosphere-ionosphere system. 2011-2013 Dr. Pulkkinen worked as an Associate Director of Institute for Astrophysics and Computational Sciences and as an Associate Professor at The Catholic University of America (CUA). At CUA Dr. Pulkkinen launched a new Space Sciences and Space Weather program crafted to educate the next generation space weather scientists and operators. Dr. Pulkkinen has been leading numerous space weather-related projects where scientists have worked in close collaboration with the end-users. In many of these projects his work has involved gen- eral empirical and first-principles modeling of space weather, analysis of data from NASA heliophys- ics missions and investigations of solar effects on manmade systems in space and on the ground. Dr. Pulkkinen was awarded NASA Exceptional Achievement Award 2015 and The International Kristian Birkeland Medal 2016 for his efforts to address space weather effects on power grids.