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About the AAS History Committee

The AAS History Committee was established to stimulate historical research in and teaching, publication, and preservation of the history of astronautics while encouraging interest and scholarship in and appreciation of the history of astronautics.

Activities of the Committee include, but are not limited to, recommending topics for and coordination of and participation in meetings addressing historical subjects; encouraging publication papers, articles, and books on topics in the history of astronautics; and providing recognition and prizes for significant historical achievements in astronautics.

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Committee chair: Michael Ciancone

History Committee members

History Committee charter


The AAS History Committee reviews nominations for the Eugene M. Emme Awards for Astronautical Literature. These annual awards recognize outstanding books that advances public understanding of astronautics. They reward originality, scholarship, and readability. Nominations (including title, author, publisher, and publisher contact information) should be sent to aas@astronautical.org.

The AAS History Committee reviews nominations for the Ordway Award for Sustained Excellence. This annual award recognize outstanding organizations and individuals that inform and educate on spaceflight through writing, editing, publishing, exhibits; film, television, art, or other non-print media. Nominations should be sent to aas@astronautical.org.


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