2023 AAS Award Winners Announcement


Each year we give credit where credit is due by recognizing the outstanding accomplishments and inspiring leaders that fuel the motivation for space exploration. With no shortage of achievement, the aerospace industry is full of feats worthy of recognition and the American Astronautical Society aims to honor those with a slate of AAS awards. It is our pleasure to announce the winners of the 2023 AAS Awards and shed light on the success of our colleagues. Congratulations to these winners:

Advancement of International Cooperation Award
The Artemis I Team is recognized for the international partnership that enabled the successful demonstration of the fully integrated system that comprises the Artemis I mission whose components were built by space agencies and companies from around the world.

Dirk Brouwer Award
Hanspeter Schaub is recognized for transformational work in the emerging field of charged spacecraft formation flight and control and for sustained and outstanding contributions to astrodynamics research, application, and teaching.

Earth Science and Applications Award
The Terra/Aqua MODIS Science and Instrument Teams are recognized for development of a pioneering instrument on board NASA’s Terra and Aqua satellites, which has revolutionized our understanding of Earth’s dynamic processes and global environmental changes.

Industrial Leadership Award
Michael Nayak is recognized for exceptional leadership in ideating, creating, and executing the Department of Defense’s first dedicated lunar research program, focused on technical paths to a thriving lunar economy by 2035.

John F. Kennedy Astronautics Award
Hubert J. Brasseaux Jr. is recognized for thirty-plus years supporting NASA’s human spaceflight programs and, in particular, for outstanding leadership as Increment Manager and co- chair of the EVA Requirements Integration Panel Splinter Working Group.

Neil Armstrong Space Flight Achievement Award
The OSIRIS-REx Flight Team is recognized for exceptional performance and extraordinary perseverance in the successful return of sample from asteroid Bennu.

Patti Grace Smith Award
Kathleen Coderre is recognized for significant contributions and demonstrated commitment to diversity, inclusion, and the professional development of the aerospace workforce.

Sally Ride Excellence in Education Award
Bob Kovalchik is recognized for decades of inspirational efforts as a professional educator and selfless volunteer to inform and relate the wonders of aviation and space flight to captivated audiences of all ages.

Space Entrepreneurship Award
Trevor Bennett is recognized for building a new paradigm for how satellites operate as humans go out into the universe.

Space Flight Award
Francisco Rubio is recognized for setting a new record for the longest single spaceflight in the history of American spaceflight at 370 days on orbit.

Space Life Sciences Award
The AstroRad Radiation-Shielding Vest is recognized for for advancing the state-of-the-art in astronaut radiation protection through in-space flight testing with crew and advanced instrumentation, including the successful test on the Artemis I mission.

Space Technology Award
Andy Hoskins is recognized for his tireless efforts to demonstrate the first flight of a the NEXT-C ion engine that propelled the DART spacecraft, opening up new deep space mobility capabilities.

The 2024 AAS awards cycle is open throughout the year. To learn more about our various awards, visit the awards nomination site here, or click the individual award names above.