Each year, the American Astronautical Society and aerospace industry reach new heights with the multitude of inspiring achievements that occur every day. As we excel in advancing all space, AAS recognizes the individuals that make significant contributions to our society and to the greater space community with the AAS Fellow distinction. Our honored Fellows are impressive leaders who motivate their networks into furthering our developments in space exploration. We are delighted to announce and honor our chosen AAS Fellows for 2023, Kyle DeMars of Texas A&M University, and Donald Elder of Eastern New Mexico University.

Kyle DeMars

Dr. Kyle DeMars, an Associate Professor of aerospace engineering at Texas A&M University, is recognized for his seminal contributions to estimation theory and its applications to space surveillance and spacecraft navigation. DeMars is internationally respected for his expertise in nonlinear estimation for navigation and multi-target tracking and has applied his knowledge to projects with NASA and the Air Force Research Laboratory. With AAS, DeMars is a long-time member of the AAS Space Surveillance Technical Committee and has contributed many times to the AMOS Conference and Space Flight Mechanics Meeting.

Donald Elder

Dr. Donald Elder, a Professor of History at the Eastern New Mexico University, is recognized for his contributions to space history through his multiple books, his service to the AAS History Committee, his work as Series Editor for the AAS History Series, and his committee leadership for the AAS Emme Award for Spaceflight Literature. Elder’s many works recounting the history of space exploration preserves our understanding of past missions, particularly with Project Echo. With AAS, Elders has served as an integral part of the AAS History Committee, editing for the AAS History Series and providing selection advice for the Emme Award.

AAS congratulates and thanks both of our new AAS Fellows for their exemplary service to the Society and the space industry. They will be recognized at a future AAS event.