In an industry as exciting as astronautics, there’s no shortage of high-achieving professionals. Each year, the American Astronautical Society aims to highlight those that inspire us with a multitude of awards. Now, it is our pleasure to present the 2022 winners of those awards, so that they may inspire you, too. Congratulations to these winners:

Industrial Leadership Award

Julianna Scheiman for her outstanding leadership in developing and leading highly reliable and affordable launch services for NASA missions.

John F. Kennedy Astronautics Award

Scott Pace for his seminal accomplishments promoting the Nation’s space programs for the exploration and utilization of outer space across the civil, commercial, and national security sectors.

Neil Armstrong Space Flight Achievement Award

Inspiration 4 for the success of the first all-civilian astronaut crewed mission to orbit the earth.

Sally Ride Excellence in Education Award

Janet Ivey-Duensing for her passion and dedication that is shaping and tutoring the future scientists, engineers, and space explorers in the U.S. and around the world.

Professor Robert Twiggs for shaping a generation of engineers, researchers, and educators and creating the technology they use to access space.

Space Entrepreneurship Award

Eric Ingram for starting and managing a company of space professionals to deploy the first ever commercial space-based situational awareness system from concept to orbit in under nine months.

Space Flight Award

Dr. W. Michael Hawes for his significant technical, policy, and leadership contributions to the successes of the Space Shuttle, International Space Station, and Orion programs during his 44 years at both NASA and Lockheed Martin.

Space Life Sciences Award

Dr. Rob Feri and Dr. Anna-Lisa Paul for their twenty years of seminal plant science research on the ISS and in exploration environments, culminating in the first growth of plants in lunar regolith.

Dirk Brouwer Award as presented by the Space Flight Mechanics Committee

Dr. Chris D’Souza for seminal contributions to Guidance, Navigation and Control, particularly for groundbreaking contributions in spacecraft onboard navigation.

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