The American Astronautical Society is pleased to announce that J.R. Edwards, Vice President of International for AAS, has been inducted int

o the International Astronautical Federation’s Hall of Fame during the 2022 IAF International Astronautical Congress in Paris, France. J.R. Edwards has been a pillar for AAS in facilitating international growth and cooperation and we are proud of him in receiving this distinction.

The IAF Hall of Fame is intended to create a standing forum of personalities that have contributed substantially to the progress of space science, technology and space benefits to humankind, within the framework of the IAF activities.

Mr. J.R. Edwards is a long-time IAF contributor, advocate, champion, and leading voice within the IAF General Assembly and across multiple IAF committees.  A gentleman of high distinction, his visionary leadership for global outreach, partner development, and participatory exploration helped to facilitate the tremendous growth in IAF student and young professional involvement.

He has been celebrated for his world view and high enlightenment, and he is regarded as an expert in corporate diplomacy.  Mr. Edwa

rds has been recognized before the United Nations General Assembly for his work in global partner development and outreach. When asked about his proudest career accomplishment, he responded, “the individual lives we impact in a most positive way and the organizations we enable along this space exploration journey will lead us to future discoveries and greater human achievements.  If my life’s work advances this journey for humankind, then I/We have accomplished a great deal.”

He is a proud founding member of The J.E.D.I. Space Group, nurturing visions for Just, Equitable, Diverse, and Inclusive societies as core to humankind’s space exploration aspirations, but with application for life on Earth.

J.R. Edwards is the Vice President-International for the American Astronautical Society, the premier U.S.-based network of current and future space professionals dedicated to advancing all space activities. He is also a lead advisor at Lockheed Martin, guiding and informing external C-suite level discussions and strategic reviews on over-the-horizon technologies, culture evolution, and innovative business practices.

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