AAS is calling on our members to be volunteer judges for the upcoming 2022 CanSat Student Competition! The CanSat competition is an annual design-build-fly competition that provides teams with an opportunity to experience the full life-cycle design and production of a launched payload with a specific mission. AAS needs volunteers to virtually judge team presentations.

  • The Preliminary Design Reviews will take place February 7-25 – Teams sign up for one-hour time slots 
  • Sign up selections are open now until January 17, 2022 – You can do as little as one hour or as much as you want. 
  • PDR reviews are done via Zoom – Help out from wherever you are, no need to travel!

AAS will provide you with the CanSat Judges Guide, Mission Guide and Scoresheet Deliverables.  

Please email Events Coordinator, Kelsey Cadow, at kelsey.cadow@astronautical.org for judging details if you are interested!