AAS is currently accepting nominations for AAS Fellowships and many of our prestigious AAS Awards. This is a tremendous opportunity to recognize those who have made or are making significant contributions to space science and exploration.  

AAS Fellows are the leaders and inspirational figures of the space community and the American Astronautical Society. They are recognized for their significant accomplishments and contributions to furthering space science and exploration as well as the AAS mission of advancing space science and exploration. Nominees should be current AAS members who have made significant contributions to furthering space exploration. AAS Fellows nominations are due by September 30. Get more information. 

AAS Awards recognize teams and individuals who contribute to the space industry through science, academia, engineering, management, and other criteria. Prominent AAS awards include the Space Entrepreneurship Award, the Carl Sagan Award, the JFK Astronautics award, and several others. AAS Awards nominations are due on October 31st, 2021. See all awards or get nomination information.