The AAS von Braun symposium will be held October 12-14 in Huntsville, Alabama. Virtual registration options are also available. In collaboration with NASA Marshall, this year’s theme – United: A Foundation Delivered, The Future Enabled – will focus discussion on the progress made to date and the plans and goals for future space science and exploration. In addition, the first 10 students for both in-person and virtual registration will be able to attend for FREE! 

This year’s symposium will include some of the biggest space and science industry names. We’re also proud to announce a first-ever panel inclusive of four NASA Center Directors – who all happen to be women – who will discuss leadership and creating an inclusive industry. We look forward to coming together to further space exploration. We hope to see you there! 


REGISTER HERE: https://bit.ly/vonBraun2021 

(The current program is also available on the website.)