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“Future in Space” online discussion:

Viewing Exoplanets Through A Solar Gravity Lens

Friday, March 19 at 3:00 p.m. Eastern

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What is an Einstein ring?
How can we accelerate the search for life in our universe?
And what do pearls and sails have to do with exploring space?

Exciting new mission concepts based on the theory of the solar gravitational lens are being considered using unique technologies to conduct unprecedented science reaching far into the universe. These missions would use the Sun as a gravitational lens to resolve an exoplanet surface and search for signs of life using innovative spacecraft and benefits of autonomous systems.

Watch these videos before the Hangout to learn more about the topic and build your questions for the guests:


  • Tony Darnell, host and moderator
  • Louis Friedman, Co-Founder and Executive Director Emeritus at The Planetary Society
  • Slava Turyshev, research scientist at NASA JPL

This American Astronautical Society “Future in Space” online session is available for FREE and attendees have the ability to submit questions to the speakers. This session continues our discussions of the science needs, programs, risks, and challenges in missions to support the human lunar exploration.