AAS Announces 2020 Ordway Award Recipients 

The American Astronautical Society is pleased to announce the following recipients of the Ordway Award for Sustained Excellence in Spaceflight History 


SPRINGFIELD, VA (October 5, 2020) – The American Astronautical Society (AAS) is pleased to announce the winners of its 2020 Ordway Award. The Ordway Award is named in memory of Frederick I. Ordway III (1927-2014), human spaceflight advocate and chronicler of the history of rocketry and space travel. The award recognizes exceptional, sustained efforts to inform and educate on spaceflight and its history through one or more media. The award is managed by the History Committee of the AAS. 

The winners for 2020 Ordway Award are as follows:

Bill Ingalls 

Bill Ingalls is recognized for sustained excellence in memorializing milestones in U.S. space programs and policy through his artistically crafted photographic images.

Photo by: Joel Kowsky 

Roger D. Launius 

Roger D. Launius, Ph.D., is recognized for sustained excellence as a prolific scholar, author, and advocate of space history.

University of Nebraska Press Outward Odyssey Series  

The University of Nebraska Press is recognized for its Outward Odyssey Series (A Personal History of Spaceflight) documenting key topics in the history of spaceflight.


Viking Mars Missions Education and Preservation Project (VMMEPP) 

The Viking Mars Missions Education and Preservation Project (VMMEPP) is recognized for preservation of archives and artifacts associated with the Viking missions to Mars and educational outreach using the Viking missions as a STEM catalyst.

The AAS will present the Ordway Awards  during the online von Braun Memorial Symposium  October 26-28, 2020.    

For more information: astronautical.org/award/ordway