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Published quarterly since 1954 by the American Astronautical Society, The Journal of the Astronautical Sciences is an archival publication devoted to the sciences and technology of astronautics. Articles are published which present significant new results, important insights, or state of the art surveys in all areas of astrodynamics, celestial mechanics, atmospheric flight mechanics, navigation and guidance, and space related sciences. Authors are encouraged to submit papers on attitude dynamics, orbit determination, trajectory optimization, space mission analysis, numerical methods, maneuvering flight vehicles, dynamics and control of large flexible space structures, and space sciences related to new astronautical systems and their applications.

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Volume 59, Numbers 1-2

Special Issue: The Kyle T. Alfriend Astronautics Symposium

Volume 58, Number 4

  • "Attitude Motion of a Spinning Spacecraft with Fuel Sloshing and Nutation Damping" by Mohammad A. Ayoubi, Farhad A. Goodarzi and Arun Banerjee
  • "Near-Earth Asteroid Flyby Survey Mission Using Solar Sailing Technology" by Mai Bando and Hiroshi Yamakawa
  • "Modified Chebyshev-Picard Iteration Methods for Orbit Propagation" by Xiaoli Bai and John L. Junkins
  • "Modified Chebyshev-Picard Iteration Methods for Solution of Boundary Value Problems" by Xiaoli Bai and John L. Junkins
  • "PPKBZ9 Two Orbit Propagators Based on Analytical Theory" by Juan F. San-Juan, Angel Gavin, Luis M. Lopez and Rosario Lopez
  • "Deep Resonant GPS-Dynamics Due to the Geopotential" by Martin Lara, Juan F. San-Juan, Zachary J. Folcik and Paul Cefola
  • Index Volume 58, Numbers 1-4

Volume 58, Number 3

Special Issue: The George H. Born Astronautics Symposium

  • "Preliminary Study of Geosynchronous Orbit Transfers from LEO using Invariant Manifolds" by Kathryn E. Davis, Rodney L. Anderson and George H. Born
  • "Targeting Low-Energy Ballistic Lunar Transfers" by Jeffrey S. Parker
  • "Near Ballistic Halo-to-Halo Transfers between Planetary Moons" by Gregory Lantoine and Ryan P. Russell
  • "A Dynamical System Approach to Orbit Down-Selection of Earth-Moon Autonomous Navigation Constellations" by Benjamin Villac, Channing Chow, Martin Lo and Gerald Hintz
  • "A Guidance and Navigation Strategy for Rendezvous and Proximity Operations with a Noncooperative Spacecraft in Geosynchronous Orbit" by Brent W. Barbee, J. Russell Carpenter, Scott Heatwole, F. Landis Markley, Michael Moreau, Bo J. Naasz and John Van Eepoel
  • "Small Body Landings Using Autonomous Onboard Optical Navigation" by Shyam Bhaskaran, Sumita Nandi, Stephen Broschart, Mark Wallace, L. Alberto Cangahuala and Corwin Olson
  • "Universal Algorithm for Inverting the Cartesian to Geodetic Transformation" by James D. Turner and John L. Junkins
  • "One-Centimeter Orbits in Near-Real Time: The GPS Experience on OSTM/Jason-2" by Bruce J. Haines, Michael J. Armatys, Yoaz E. Bar-Sever, Willy I. Bertiger, Shailen D. Desai, Angela R. Dorsey, Christopher M. Lane and Jan P. Weiss
  • "Considering Measurement Model Parameter Errors in Static and Dynamic Systems" by Drew P. Woodbury, Manoranjan Majji and John L. Junkins
  • "Seasat and Geosat Revisited: Using Sea Level Measurements to Improve Satellite Altimeter Orbits" by R.R. Leben, B.D. Hamlington and B.J. Haines
  • "Applications of Geostatistics in Optimal Design of Satellite Altimetry Orbits and Measurement Configurations" by Ute C. Herzfeld, Bruce F. Wallin and Maciej Stachura
  • "Drag Coefficient Estimation in Orbit Determination" by Craig A. McLaughlin, Steve Mance and Travis Lechtenberg
  • Measuring Absolute Thermospheric Densities and Accommodation Coefficients Using Paddlewheel Satellites: Past Findings, Present Uses, and Future Mission Concepts" by Marcin D. Pilinski, Kenneth Moe, Scott E. Palo and Brian M. Argrow

Volume 58, Number 2

  • "Earth Satellite Perturbation Theories as Approximate KAM Tori" by William E. Wiesel
  • "A Dynamical Systems Analyisis of Resonant Flybys: Ballistic Case" by Rodney L. Anderson and Martin W. Lo
  • "Spacecraft Formation Design and Control in Keplerian Elliptic Orbits" by Katsuhiko Yamada, Masaya Kimura, Takeya Shima and Shoji Yoshikawa
  • "Closed-Loop Control of Satellite Formations Using a Quasi-Rigid Body Formation" by Christopher Blake and Arun K. Misra 
  • "Information Theoretic Weighting for Robust Star Centroiding" by Brien R. Flewelling and Daniele Mortari
  • "The K-Vector ND and its Application to Building a Non-Dimensional Star Identification Catalog" by Benjamin B. Spratling IV and Daniele Mortari
  • "A Study of the Achievable Geosynchronous Angles-Only Orbit Estimation Accuracy" by Jill Tombasco and Penina Axelrad

Volume 58, Number 1

  • "Optimal Out-Of-Ecliptic Orbits for Short-Term Space-Borne Infrared Telescope Missions" by Gali Nir and Pini Gurfil
  • "Technical Note: Perturbation Effects of Quadratic Drag on the Orbital Elements of a Satellite in a Central Force Field" by Lin-Sen Li
  • "Computation and Optimization of Lunar Orbit Insertion from a Fixed Free Return" by Mark Jesick and Cesar Ocampo
  • "Design of Optimal Low-Thrust Lunar Pole-Sitter Missions" by Daniel J. Grebow, Martin T. Ozimek and Kathleen C. Howell 
  • "Closed-Loop Time-Optimal Attitude Maneuvering of Magnetically Actuated Spacecraft" by Pooya Sekhavat, Hui Yan, Andrew Fleming, I. Michael Ross and Kyle T. Alfriend
  • "Precision Integrated Power and Attitude Control System (IPACS) in the Presence of Dynamic Uncertainty" by D. Kim, W. MacKunis, N. Fitz-Coy and W.E. Dixon
  • "Terrain-Relative and Beacon-Relative Navigation for Lunar Powered Descent and Landing" by D. Christensen and D. Geller

Volume 57, Number 4

  • "Kam Tori Normal Coordinates" by William E. Wiesel
  • "Technical Note: Perturbations on a Stationary Satellite by the Longitude-Dependent Terms in Mars' Gravitational Field" by Jose Luis Alvarellos
  • "Nonlinear Slewing Spacecraft Control Based on Energy, Power Flow, and Static and Dynamic Stability" by Rush D. Robinett III and David G. Wilson
  • "Forced Precessions of the IMAGE Spacecraft" by Mark Tapley
  • "Optimal Continuous-Thrust Trajectories Via Visual Trade Space Exploration" by Daniel D. Jordan, David B. Spencer, Timothy W. Simpson, Michael A. Yukish and Gary M. Stump
  • "Orbit Detremination and Sea Level Rise: How Astrodynamics Informs Us About the Climate" by R.S. Nerem and D.P. Chambers
  • "Nonsingular Attitude Filtering Using Modified Rodrigues Parameters" by Christopher D. Karlgaard and Hanspeter Schaub
  • "A Multiplicative Residual Approach To Attitude Kalman Filtering With Unit-Vector Measurements" by Renato Zanetti

Volume 57, Number 3

  • "Semianalytical Study of Geosynchronous Orbits About a Precessing Oblate Earth Under Lunisolar Gravitation and Tesseral Resonance" by Sofia Belyanin and Pini Gurfil
  • "Third-Body-driven vs. One-Impulse Plane Changes" by B.F. Villac and D.J. Scheeres
  • "Lunar Analytical Theory for Polar Orbits in a 50-Degree Zonal Model Plus Third-Body Effect" by Martin Lara, Sebastian Ferrer and Bernard De Saedeleer
  • "An Agent-Based Dynamic Model for Analysis of Distributed Space Exploration Architectures" by Oleg V. Sindiy, Daniel A. DeLaurentis and William B. Stein
  • "Actuator Constrained Optimal Formation Keeping Near the Libration Points" by B.G. Marchand and S.A. Stanton
  • "In-Flight Attitude Perturbation Estimation for Earth-Orbiting Spacecraft" by Steve Ulrich, Jimmy Cote and Jean de Lafontaine"Flux-Pinned Interfaces for the Asembly, Manipulation and Reconfiguration of Modular Space Systems" by Joseph P. Shoer and Mason A. Peck
  • "Technical Note - Errata Erratorum: The Nature of the Quaternion" by Malcolm D. Shuster

Volume 57, Numbers 1-2
Special Issue: The F. Landis Markley Astronautics Symposium

  • "Lessons Learned" by F. Landis Markley
  • "Spacecraft Attitude Estimation Using Adaptive Gaussian Sum Filter" by Jemin George, Gabriel Terejanu and Puneet Singla
  • "Multiplicative Measurement Model" by Daniele Mortari and Manoranjan Majji
  • "The TASTE Test" by Malcolm D. Shuster
  • "Generalized Wahba Problems for Spinning Spacecraft Attitude and Rate Determination" by Mark L. Psiaki
  • "Additive Divided Difference Filtering for Real-Time Spacecraft Attitude Estimation Using Modified Rodrigues Parameters" by Deok-Jin Lee and Kyle T. Alfriend
  • "Decentralized Attitude Estimation Using a Quaternion Covariance Intersection Approach" by John L. Crassidis, Yang Cheng, Christopher K. Nebelecky and Adam M. Fosbury
  • "Nonlinear Observability Analysis of Spacecraft Attitude and Angular Rate with Inertia Uncertainty" by Avishy Carmi and Taakove Oshman
  • "Error Analyis of the Rodrigues Vector Estimators Using Two Direction Measurement" by Sergei Tanygin
  • "Novel Stochastic Modeling and Filtering of the Attitude Quaternion" by Daniel Choukroun
  • "General Definition of Relative Misalignment" by Mark E. Pittelkau
  • "A History of the Description of the Three-Dimensional Finite Rotation" by Luc Fraiture
  • "Generalized Linear Covariance Analysis" by F. Landis Markley and J. Russell Carpenter
  • "Generalized Bilinear System Identification" by Jer-Nan Juang
  • "Skew-Symmetric Algorithm for Investing NxN Quaternion Equations Using NxN Real Variable Matrix Arithmetic" by James D. Turner
  • "On Simulating Randomly Driven Dynamic System" by N. Jeremy Kasdin and Landis J. Stankievech
  • "Generalizations and Applications of the Lagrange Implicit Function Theorem" by John L. Junkins, James D. Turner and Manoranjan Majji
  • "Tethered Coulomb Structures: Prospects and Challenges" by Carl R. Seubert and Hanspeter Schaub
  • "Optimal Low-Thrust Transfer in General Circular Orbit Using Analytic Averaging of the System Dynamics" by Jean A. Kechichian
  • "Hohmann-Hohmann and Hohmann-Phasing Cooperative Rendezvous Maneuvers" by Atri Dutta and Panagiotis Tsiotras
  • "Hubble Space Telescope Reduced-Gyro Control System" by Brian R. Clapp
  • "The HST SM4 Relative Navigation Sensor System: Overview and Preliminary Testing Results from the Flight Robotics Lab" by Bo J. Naasz, Richard D. Burns, Steven Z. Queen, John Van Eepoel, Joel Hannah and Eugene Skelton
  • "Spacecraft Navigation Using the Modernized Global Positioning System Signal" by E.G. Lightsey and R.B. Harris
  • "Twenty-Five Years of INR" by James L. Carr

Volume 56, Number 4

  • "Direct Lunar Halo Orbit Transfers" by Jeffrey S. Parker and George H. Born
  • "The Precise Autonomous Orbit Keeping Experiment on the PRISMA Mission" by Sergio De Florio and Simone D'Amico
  • "Trigger Angle Targeting for Orbital Rendezvous" by David C. Woffinden, M. Ben Rose and David K. Geller
  • "Two-Stage Path Planning Approach for Solving Multiple Spacecraft Reconfiguration Maneuvers" by Georges S. Aoude, Jonathan P. How and Ian M. Garcia
  • "Maneuver Planning Optimization for Spacecraft Formation Flying Missions" by Ross Burgon, Peter C.E. Roberts, Jennifer A. Roberts and Finn Ankersen
  • "Orbit-Nadir Aligned Coulomb Tether Reconfiguration Analysis" by Arun Natarajan and Hanspeter Schaub
  • "Transient Aero-Thermal Mapping of Passive Thermal Protection System for Nose-Cap of Reusable Hypersonic Vehicle" by Shripad P. Mahulikar, Shashank Khurana, Ritesh Dungarwal, Sushil G. Shevakari, Jayakumar Subramanian and Amit V. Gujarathi
  • "Errata: The Nature of the Quaternion" by Malcolm D. Shuster
  • Index for Volume 56

Volume 56, Number 3
Special Issue: The Byron D. Tapley Symposium

  • Preface: Byron D. Tapley
  • "Gravity Model Determination from the Grace Mission" by Byron D. Tapley
  • "Trajectory Options for DUNE, a Near-Earth Dust Telescope" by Jeffrey S. Parker and George H. Born
  • "Fast Design of Repeat Ground Track Orbits in High-Fidelity Geopotentials" by Martin Lara and Ryan P. Russell
  • "Subcycle Analysis for ICESat's Repeat Groundtrack Orbits and Application to Phasing Maneuvers" by Nadege Pie and Bob E. Schutz
  • "Navigation and Control of the TanDEM-X Formation" by Oliver Montenbruck, Ralph Kahle, Simone D'Amico, and Jean-Sebastien Ardaens
  • "The Nature of the Quaternion" by Malcolm D. Shuster
  • "Estimation of Total Electron Content (TEC) Using Spaceborne GPS Measurements" by Key-Rok Choi and E. Glenn Lightsey
  • "A High Order Method for Estimation of Dynamic Sustems" by Manoranjan Majji, John L. Junkins, and James D. Turner

Volume 56, Number 2

  • "Earth Satellite Orbits as KAM Tori" by William E. Wiesel
  • "An Analytic Investigation into the Behavior of Kepler's Equation" by James D. Turner
  • "A Small Satellite Constellation for Continuous Coverage of Mid-Low Earth Latitudes" by Emiliano Ortore and Carlo Ulivieri
  • "A Dynamical System Approach for the Station Keeping of a Solar Sail" by Ariadna Farres and Angel Jorba
  • "Libration Point Stationkeeping Using the O-D Technique" by M. Xin, S.N. Balakrishnan and H.J. Pernicka
  • "Adaptive Spacecraft Attitude Tracking Control with Actuator Uncertainties" by Hyungjoo Yoon and Panagiotis Tsiotras

Volume 56, Number 1

  • "Radially Accelerated Periodic Orbits in the Clohessy-Wiltshire Frame" by Hiroshi Yamakawa and Ikkoh Funaki
  • "Analytic Solutions for Equal Mass Four-Craft Static Coulomb" by Harsh Vasavada and Hanspeter Schaub
  • "Inclusion of Higher Order Harmonics in the Modeling of Optimal Low-Thrust Orbit Transfer" by Jean A. Kechichian
  • "Control of Interferometric Spacecraft Arrays for (u, v) Plane Coverage in Multi-Body Regimes" by Lindsay D. Millard and Kathleen C. Howell
  • "Anomalistic Disturbance Torques During the Entry Phase of the Mars Exploration Rover Missions - a Telemetry and Mars-Surface Investigation" by Robert H. Tolson, William H. Willcockson, Prasun N. Desai and Paige Thomas
  • "Adaptive Satellite Attitude Control in the Presence of Inertia and CMG Gimbal Friction Uncertainties" by W. MacKunis, K. Dupree, N. Fitz-Coy and W.E. Dixon
  • "Preliminary Orbit Determination of a Tethered Satellite Using the f and g series" by D.A. Cicci and C. Qualls

Volume 55, Number 4

  • "Optimal Approach to and Alignment with a Rotating Rigid Body for Capture" by Zhanhua Ma, Ou Ma and Banavara N. Shashikanth
  • "Entry, Descent, and Landing Scenario for the Mars Exploration Rover Mission" by Prasun N. Desai, Wayne J. Lee and Adam Steltzner
  • "Autonomous Atmospheric Entry on Mars: Performance Improvement Using a Novel Adaptive Control Algorithm" by Steve Ulrich and Jean de Lafontaine
  • "Technical Note: A New Method to Introduce A Priori Information in QUEST" by Renato Zanetti and Robert H. Bishop
  • "Effective Direction Measurements for Spacecraft Attitude: I. Equivalent Directions" by Malcolm D. Shuster
  • "Effective Direction Measurements for Spacecraft Attitude: II. Predicted Directions" by Malcolm D. Shuster
  • "Effective Direction Measurements for Spacecraft Attitude: III. Defective Directions and Data Fusion" by Malcolm D. Shuster

Volume 55, Number 3

  • "Analysis of Gravity-Gradient-Perturbed Rotational Dynamics at the Collinear Lagrange Points" by Eytan Bruckner and Pini Gurfil
  • "Use of a Genetic Algorithm to Access Relative Motion in Highly Elliptic Orbits" by Carrie D. Olsen and Wallace T. Fowler
  • "Mars Exploration Rovers Entry, Descent, and Landing Trajectory Analysis" by Prasun N. Desai and Phillip C. Knocke
  • "The Streamlined and Complete Set of the Nonsingular J2-Perturbed Dynamic and Adjoint Equations for Trajectory Optimization in Terms of Eccentric Longitude" by Jean A. Kechichian
  • "Optimal Lunar Swingby Trajectories" by John T. Betts
  • "A New Strategy for Lunar Soft Landing" by Xu Shijie and Zhu Jianfeng
  • "Symmetric Stereographic Orientation Parameters Applied to Constrained Spacecraft Attitude Control" by Charles M. Southward II, Joshua R. Ellis and Hanspeter Schaub

Volume 55, Number 2

  • "Optimal Configuration of Tetrahedral Spacecraft Formations" by Geoffrey T. Huntington, David Benson and Anil V. Rao
  • "Solutions for Handling Control Magnitude Bounds in Adaptive Dynamic Inversion Controlled Satellites" by Monish D. Tandale and John Valasek
  • "Analysis of the Relative Attitude Estimation and Control Problem for Satellite Inspection and Orbital Rendezvous" by D. Geller
  • "Solar Torque Estimation for Momentum Bias Spacecraft" by Lawrence K. McGovern, Philip Hirschberg and Xenophon Price
  • "Covariance Analysis for Deep-Space Satellites with Radar and Optical tracking Data" by James G. Miller
  • "The Optimization of TRIAD" by Malcolm D. Shuster
  • "The Maximum-Error Test" by Douglas C. Freesland, Yang Cheng and Malcolm D. Shuster

Volume 55, Number 1

  • "An Orbit Analysis for Peforming Remote Sensing from the International Space Station" by Megan Mitchell and Todd J. Mosher
  • "Analysis of Relative Navigation in High Earth Orbits" by Christopher Lane and Penina Axelrad
  • "Hamiltonian Mechanics and Relative Equilibria of Orbiting Gyrostats" by Christopher D. Hall and Jeffrey A. Beck
  • "Singularity Avoidance of Variable Speed Control Moment Gyros by Optimization Approach" by Hyunjae Lee and Hyochoong Bang
  • "Attitude and Interlock Angle Estimation Using Split-Field-of-View Star Tracker" by Puneet Singla, D. Todd Griffith, Anup Katake and John L. Junkins
  • "Spin-Axis Attitude Estimation" by Sergei Tanygin and Malcolm D. Shuster